Shandong Dorco Heavy Machinery Co., LTD., Spiral welded pipe machine quality inspection process

Shandong Dorco Heavy Machinery Co., LTD., Spiral welded pipe machine quality inspection process


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Shandong Dorco Heavy Machinery Co., LTD. is a manufacturer of spiral welded pipe machine.    The process involves rolling a low carbon or low alloy structural steel strip into a tube blank at a specific spiral angle and then welding the tube seam together.   This process allows for the production of large diameter steel pipes using narrower strips of steel.   The specifications of the pipes are expressed as outer diameter Φ wall thickness, and they must undergo hydraulic testing, tensile strength testing, and cold bending performance testing to ensure quality.

To ensure the quality of our products, we have established a comprehensive quality plan, on-site work procedures, and inspection and test plans.   The quality inspection process includes the following steps: raw material inspection, leveling inspection, butt welding inspection, forming inspection, internal welding inspection, external welding inspection, pipe cutting inspection, ultrasonic inspection, groove inspection, external dimension inspection, X-ray inspection, hydraulic testing, and final inspection.

In accordance with the regulations of the spiral welded pipe production standard, the main inspection and control items for spiral welded pipes include dimensions (outer diameter, wall thickness, ovality, curvature, and pipe end perpendicularity), length and appearance quality (weld reinforcement, wrong edge, surface condition, delamination, inclusions, and weld defect judgment), chemical composition, tensile testing of welded joints, hydrostatic pressure testing, acid etching inspection,  and non-destructive inspection.

The spiral welded pipe machine typically adopts online continuous inspection methods to ensure the quality of the weld.   Continuous inspection allows for the monitoring of welding defects, the stability of welding quality, and the assurance of welding grade.    If you have any further questions, please feel free to let us know.   Together, we can make it better!  


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