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With the rapid growth of Dorco Heavy Machinery in domestic and foreign markets, our customer base is also growing. We deeply realize that every user is our rare and precious wealth. For this reason, adhering to the development concept of "integrity and innovation", we continue to improve and perfect after-sales service, hoping that every user can not only purchase reliable and high-performance equipment, but also obtain continuous and high-quality technical support.

▶ 1. Plant foundation design (installation diagram, process flow, equipment layout diagram)

According to the layout of the factory area, help customers to carry out auxiliary planning to ensure a more reasonable layout of the line body and a higher utilization rate of equipment.

▶ 2. Provide configuration list of auxiliary equipment, etc.

Provide partners with equipment configuration details and parameter guidance to ensure subsequent production quality control and equipment adjustment.

▶ 3. On-site installation and personnel training

In order to improve the customer's application level, ensure that the customer fully understands the equipment performance and fully utilizes the potential of the equipment, after the equipment is delivered, the company is responsible for training the customer on use, and putting forward suggestions for use and maintenance to the customer to ensure that the equipment plays a role in the actual production work of the customer. to its proper effect.

If there are any technical problems in the future, remote guidance can be provided. If the customer needs it, technicians can be arranged for on-site guidance.

▶ 4. Assist in providing raw materials and sales data in the Chinese market

Help cooperative customers to obtain better resource advantages and sales channels, and empower the rapid opening of the market.

▶ 5. Logistics and transportation, export declaration materials, etc.

Provide export declaration materials, and cooperate with large domestic logistics companies to formulate a reliable transportation plan to ensure that the equipment is delivered to the customer in good condition;

▶ 6. Experienced after-sale technical support team

In order to ensure the professionalism of the service, the company builds an after-sales technical support team composed of engineers with rich technical experience and solid operation experience to ensure that the scientific research and production work of the majority of users can be carried out smoothly.

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