Operating Instructions for the Ring Rolling Machine

Operating Instructions for the Ring Rolling Machine


The D51K fully automatic CNC ring rolling machine is a state-of-the-art equipment that allows for unmanned operation.    With its advanced features and precise control, it ensures efficient and accurate rolling of rings.    In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to operate the machine.


Unmanned Operation:The D51K ring rolling machine is equipped with loading and unloading robotic arms and robots, enabling unmanned operation.    The machine is driven by a servo motor through a reducer, ensuring smooth and precise rolling.


Accurate Control:One of the key features of the D51K ring rolling machine is its ability to reduce the impact of temperature changes, allowing for accurate control of the feed motion.   This feature enhances stability and ensures consistent results.   


PLC Monitoring System:The D51K ring rolling machine is equipped with a PLC monitoring system, which consists of a PLC, touch screen, servo proportional valve amplifier, counting module, and digital to analog conversion module.   The PLC serves as the central processing unit of the control system, responsible for monitoring the entire processing process based on the process parameters set on the touch screen.   



Now, let's go through the step-by-step operation of the D51K ring rolling machine:


Step 1: PreparationEnsure that the machine is properly set up and all safety measures are in place.   Check the material to be rolled and make sure it is suitable for the machine.   


Step 2: LoadingUse the loading robotic arm to place the material onto the machine's rolling area.   Ensure that the material is securely positioned and aligned.   


Step 3: Set ParametersAccess the touch screen interface and set the desired process parameters, such as ring diameter, thickness, and rolling speed.   Make sure to input accurate values for precise results.   


Step 4: Start the MachinePress the start button on the touch screen to initiate the rolling process.   The machine will automatically start rolling the material according to the set parameters.  


Step 5: MonitoringKeep an eye on the touch screen display to monitor the progress of the rolling process.   The PLC monitoring system will provide real-time data and alerts if any issues arise.   


Step 6: UnloadingOnce the rolling process is complete, use the unloading robotic arm to remove the rolled ring from the machine.   Ensure that the ring is safely removed and placed in the designated area.   


Step 7: RepeatIf there are more materials to be rolled, repeat steps 2 to 6 for each material.   By following these steps, you can effectively operate the D51K fully automatic CNC ring rolling machine.    Its unmanned operation, accurate control, and PLC monitoring system make it a reliable and efficient tool for ring rolling processes.



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