How to produce seamless forged rings using a ring rolling machine?

How to produce seamless forged rings using a ring rolling machine?


Manufacturing seamless forged rings from billets using ring rollers is a multi-step process that is closely related to multiple industries such as aerospace, heavy machinery and industrial infrastructure. This process combines metallurgical science, precision engineering and advanced mechanical properties.

Material selection: The first decision is to determine the material selection of the blank. Materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel or non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper and titanium are commonly used. Materials are selected based on their suitability, including their mechanical properties, environmental resistance and cost-effectiveness.


Preparation of the billet: The process begins with a cylindrical piece of metal called a "billet". The billet is cut to the desired length according to the size and weight of the ring to be produced.


Heating: Once the billet is ready, it is heated to its recrystallization temperature, where it becomes malleable but not liquefied. This process requires careful temperature control to ensure that the metal softens evenly.


Perforating and rolling: The heated billet is transferred to the perforating plant, where an internal punch driven by a hydraulic press forms a "pilot hole" in the center. Next, the pre-perforated blank is placed on a ring roller, where the mandrel roller forms the inner diameter and the idler roller forms the outer diameter. The machine is specifically designed to apply great pressure, using rotational motion to expand and flatter metal into a ring. The rolling process of the ring helps maintain the seamless integrity of the ring and ensures the dimensional accuracy of the ring.


Cooling and finishing: After this, depending on the material and desired properties, the rings can be cooled naturally or cooled using a controlled cooling process. After cooling, the ring is processed to ensure that it meets the required finish and size.


The ring rolling machine is made of a strong material that can withstand the high pressures and temperatures required for the process and embodies the most advanced technology. It has excellent performance characteristics such as uniform speed, flexible operation, and output accuracy, making it an ideal choice for the production of seamless rings.

This complex but critical process provides rings for use in a variety of products, from jet engines to heavy-duty industrial bearings. The use of ring rolling machines greatly improves the performance, durability and structural integrity of these items.

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