Thank you for your choice, we will provide perfect after-sales service

Thank you for your choice, we will provide perfect after-sales service


The company has developed and produced D51, D52, D53K, and multiple series and specifications of ring rolling machines with the purpose of "based on ring rolling and service forging".  The D51 series vertical ring rolling machines have advantages such as small size, compact structure, material saving, and energy saving, and are widely used for hot rolling of various ring blanks in the bearing forging, automotive gear, and flange manufacturing industries.  The D52 and D53K CNC series horizontal ring rolling machines have advanced structure, digital program control, high degree of automation, high production efficiency, material saving, energy saving, and other advantages.  The D53K CNC ring rolling machine has radial and axial bidirectional composite rolling functions.

Thank you for your purchase of Shandong Dorco Heavy Machinery Co., LTD. Series of products,

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to you!  In order to protect your legal rights and interests and relieve you from worry, we make the following warranty service commitment to you and provide you with the following services:


01 The company selects the best scheme in strict accordance with national standards, contracts and technical specifications, and comprehensively tracks, monitors, inspects and ensures product quality;


02 Establish customer service technical files for after-sales tracking service;


03 The company provides one-year warranty period for all products.  After the warranty period expires, lifelong maintenance will still be provided, and appropriate maintenance fees will be charged as the case may be;


04 For all products sold by our company, we will provide users with product instruction manual, product qualification certificate, packing list and relevant technical data, and provide free training for user operators.

In the process of using the product, if the product can not be used normally, the customer can immediately consult the after-sales service department of the marketing center, and the model, specification, use environment, fault, purchase date and service requirements of the product.  After the after-sales service department put forward suggestions, can not solve, will decide to send people or other treatment.


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