Application range of ring rolling

Application range of ring rolling


At present, the ring rolling process is widely used at home and abroad, such as train hubs, bearing inner and outer rings, gear rings, bushings, flanges, crane rotating rims and various reinforcing rings. The size and weight range of the processed parts is relatively large: diameter from 40mm-10000mm, height from 10mm-1000mm, weight from 0.2kg-82000kg, with cross-sections of various shapes.

Ring materials are usually carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, titanium alloy, cobalt alloy, nickel-based alloy, etc. Common ring rolling products include train hubs, bearing rings, gear rings, bushings, Flanges, gas turbine rings, crane rotating wheel rings, nuclear reactor container rings and various reinforcement rings, etc.

The ring rolling process needs to complete radial deformation and axial deformation, but generally it is mainly radial deformation, which requires a billet making process. The billet making steps generally include blanking, heating, upsetting, punching and punching. The size and shape of the blank is one of the determining factors for obtaining a qualified ring rolling workpiece. Using die forging presses and oscillating rolling machines to make blanks can basically complete the axial deformation of the blank shape required by the ring rolling process to achieve the purpose of fine rolling.

Ring rolling can also be used as a connecting line between billet making process and swing rolling process to form rings of various cross-sectional shapes. In this way, since ring rolling completes radial deformation and swing rolling completes axial deformation, rings of various cross-sections can be manufactured. The combination of ring rolling and oscillating rolling has greater advantages.

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