Straight Seam Welded Pipe Unit

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This production line is a specialized equipment for producing straight seam welded pipes in industries such as metallurgy, petroleum, construction, transportation, machinery, and vehicles. It uses hot-rolled steel strips as raw materials, and produces round and square pipes of the required specifications through cold bending and high-frequency welding methods. This production line adopts mature, reliable, complete, and economically applicable advanced processes and equipment to ensure that the physical quality, cost, and various consumption indicators of the products reach a relatively advanced level. The products produced have strong competitiveness in quality and price.

Production line process flow: 

raw materials (strip steel coils) → uncoiling → storage → passive leveling → forming and rolling → high-frequency welding → removal of external burrs → zinc supplementation → spray cooling → sizing and shaping → rough straightening → cutting to length → pipe collection and bundling.

The straight seam submerged arc welded pipe unit(LASW Pipe Unit)is a machine that opens and flattens a certain width of steel plate after longitudinal cutting and slitting, and then enters the forming machine. It adopts fully automatic and accurate control for flexible forming, and uses rollers to bend the steel plate into a circular tube. The steel pipe is pre welded with gas shielded welding, and then cut off. The internal and external welds of the steel pipe are submerged arc welded offline, and qualified submerged arc welded pipes are obtained after water pressure test, flat end chamfering, weld seam and pipe body inspection. The sizing section of the unit adopts fast roll changing technology, greatly saving time for changing specifications.

UOE straight seam submerged arc welded pipe forming process:

The three main forming processes of UOE straight seam submerged arc welded steel pipes include: steel plate pre bending, U forming, and O forming. Each process uses a dedicated forming press to sequentially complete three processes of steel plate edge pre bending, U forming, and O forming, transforming the steel plate into a circular tube.

JCOE straight seam submerged arc welded pipe forming process:

Forming: After several steps of stamping on the JC0 forming machine, first press half of the steel plate into a "J" shape, then press the other half of the steel plate into a "J" shape, forming a "C" shape, and finally press from the middle to form an open "0" shaped tube blank.

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